Relief for Allergies in Asheville NCAsheville is known for its natural wonder and incredible beauty. During spring the mountains come alive with color, almost as if they are waking up from a long winter’s nap. Slowly at first, the valleys begin to pop with color. Then the greens and reds crawl up to the ridges in a spectacular display. The shadowy grey mountains become bright and green and full of life. The animals begin moving and birds chirping, our are entire area has a backdrop that seems as if it was skillfully painted by an artist from the River Arts District. 

For Buncombe Country residents, spring is a time to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors. Within a short drive of downtown Asheville, there are thousands of miles of hiking and mountain biking trails, as well as numerous campgrounds and backcountry areas to explore. However, for allergy sufferers, this is a season of running noses, sneezing, itchy eyes, and a fog of frustrating symptoms. Residents whose histamines work overtime want to enjoy the colors and weather but find themselves stuck blowing their noses and putting drops in their eyes. New residents may be surprises by how severe their pollen allergies become. 

At Monitto Chiropractic, we are here to help allergy sufferers find relief from their symptoms. 

Relief for Allergies in Asheville NC

There are several potential remedies for allergies. Some treatments include:

  • Medications: Unfortunately, there is evidence that some medications become less effective when they are used over long periods of time. You may have found medication to be a frustrating and ineffective solution.
  • Cleaning: Pollen can enter your home on you, your children, and your pets. It is important during this season to vacuum and clean more than you would otherwise.
  • Air Purifiers: While air purifiers and the use of HEPA filters can reduce the microscopic, allergy-inducing particles in your home or office, that does not solve the problem for those who long to spend time outside. 
  • Home Remedies: These include herbs and supplements, Neti pots, and altering your cleaning methods to get rid of allergens in your home. Check with your doctor before you take the plunge into home remedies.

One of the most effective solutions for allergy sufferers is chiropractic care. Though you might think of the chiropractor as being primarily for relieving back pain, correcting misalignment in the spine impacts the entire nervous system. Our patients have seen relief from many ailments, including allergies, through chiropractic care. If you have allergies in Asheville and would like relief, contact Monitto Chiropractic today