how chiropractic care can help allergiesThere is so much to love about living in Asheville, NC. The surrounding mountains, forests, and wilderness are truly remarkable. There are a few places on the East Coast with as much access to virtually untouched nature as western North Carolina. Asheville has the distinction of being the largest city at its elevation east of the Mississippi River. That means that summers are significantly cooler than neighboring cities such as Greenville, South Carolina, and Charlotte, North Carolina. However, the city is still low enough to avoid the harsh winters experienced in the High Country. Essentially, 10 to 12 months of the year are open for people to get outside and explore what makes this area so unique.

It is not just the great outdoors that attracts new residents and tourists to our region. We have incredible restaurants with world-class chefs, craft beverage places, and eclectic event venues throughout Buncombe and Henderson Counties. 

The transition from winter to spring here is phenomenal. There is nothing like seeing the mountains transition from gray to red to green. With beautiful wildflowers springing to life and wildlife returning to the forests, spring is the perfect time to get out and enjoy western North Carolina. However, for allergy sufferers, the pollen makes living in our area a chore. Fortunately, there is good news for those who battle with seasonal allergies. Chiropractic care can go a long way to improving your symptoms this spring. Here is how you can get relief from sneezing, runny nose, itching eyes, and sinus issues.

Chiropractic Allergy Relief in Asheville, NC

Typically, to avoid allergens or find relief from allergies, you can take the steps, including:

  • You can keep tabs on the pollen count for each day.
  • You can plan your outdoor trips and errands around days when it is raining.
  • You can vacuum your house ten times each day.
  • You can spend a significant amount of money with an allergist.
  • You can use drugs that keep you in as much as the fog as your allergies.
  • You can move to the Arctic or somewhere without pollinating plants.
  • You can avoid the outdoors during one of the prettiest times of the year.

Chiropractic is the discipline of seeing the body as a series of systems that work together. It is a way of considering wellness holistically. If your spine is misaligned, it could result in overactive histamines that lead to allergy symptoms. Monitto Chiropractic is here to help you find relief from pollen-related allergies. 

Contact us for more information about how you can schedule an appointment and begin finding spring to be much more joyful in Asheville.

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