How the Y-Strap Adjustment Chiropractic Technique Can Change Your Life

Monday, 08 February 2021 18:53
How the Y-Strap Adjustment Chiropractic Technique Can Change Your Life

Winter has been long and cold here in western North Carolina. While many enjoyed starting the season with the first White Christmas in a decade, by now, people in Asheville are ready for spring. We want to get out and explore the mountains, find a waterfall and swimming hole, shred some trails on a mountain bike, or float down the river. 

This winter has been especially trying for those still working from home while facilitating remote learning. Adults and children who are used to their office or classroom setups have been working at dinner tables and makeshift desks for upwards of a year. Screen time doubled for children throughout the pandemic. Parents are stuck at laptops and screens more as well, with meetings often done exclusively through video conferencing. 

What does being stuck inside staring at screens mean for your body? If your posture is not impeccable, you could be dealing with neck and back issues. If you already had subluxations related to posture, you could be exasperating existing issues. Dr. Monitto has many years of experience correcting posture and spinal issues with a variety of methods, including Y-Strap decompression.

In this article, we are discussing the Y-Strap full body adjustment and how you can benefit from it. 

What Is Y-Strap Decompression?

The Y-Strap is a spinal decompression maneuver along the Y-axis of your body (the vertical axis). It is a high velocity, low amplitude adjustment. It’s a high velocity in that it is quick. It’s low amplitude in that it requires little force. The maneuver is completed using the Y-Strap tool, which is entirely safe. It decompresses the spine in a straight line, along the Y-Axis of the body, without any rotation, contortion, or shearing of the spine.

By using the Y-Strap, we are able to deliver a swift decompression within the vertebral discs that generates a vacuum, allowing nutrients to flow into those discs. This process can be used to treat a variety of issues. 

How Can the Y-Strap Chiropractic Technique Help Me?

If you stand straight up, your ears should be positioned almost exactly in the center of your shoulders. However, for many adults (and children), our heads are positioned farther forward than they should be. This is called “Forward Head Posture” (FHP). Historically, it has also been called “reading neck” and “scholar’s neck.” Here are just a few of the ways you can develop FHP:

  • You spend time sitting in your favorite chair with your coffee or tea, staring down at an engaging book.
  • You enjoy sitting in your favorite chair with your coffee or tea, staring down at your smartphone or tablet.
  • You spend extended periods of time staring at a computer screen – otherwise known as your job. 
  • You are sleeping with your head too high on your pillow. 
  • You are spending too much time during winters stuck in your house and unable to get exercise or workout your back muscles. 
  • You have extended video conferencing calls in which you are leaning forward to speak into your laptop’s tiny microphone. 
  • Your makeshift dining room table desk not being the right height for your computer monitor and keyboard. 

There are few Asheville residents that have not faced at least some of these posture concerns, especially in the last twelve months. Our heads weigh as much as a blowing ball. They are designed to be held straight over our shoulders, but as our posture slowly creeps further forward, it puts excessive pressure on our necks. 

That’s where the Y-Strap full body adjustment can make a significant difference in the path toward correcting your posture. In the video on our website, you can see how the maneuver can make an immediate impact on the way a person holds their head. Of course, to completely correct FHP, Y-strap may be part of a strategy that includes:

  • Consultation, exam and X-rays to identify subluxations and spinal concerns
  • A plan that may involve multiple visits over a period of time
  • Other types of chiropractic adjustments 
  • Exercises and techniques for improving your sitting and standing posture
  • Health and wellness tips 

If you have back pain, neck pain, discomfort when sitting for extended periods of time, or you just know your posture is not right, contact the Monitto Chiropractic. Dr. Monitto is the Asheville area’s Y-Strap expert, with the experience to help correct a variety of spine and posture-related issues. We have seen Y-Strap help a lot of people in western North Carolina over the years. We are happy to see chiropractic care relieve your pain and help improve your mobility.