Is Y-Strap Decompression Safe?

Tuesday, 05 July 2022 16:53

For many of us, the last few years have seen a dramatic shift in how and where we spend most of our time. More than ever, we spend a significant portion of our work and leisure time at desks looking at screens. If we didn’t have good posture before, those problems can be compounded by this switch to work from home. 

Even when we start to get active again in the warmer months, spring and summer activities can pose increased injury risk after being sedentary for the last few months. One way to reduce the effects of poor seated posture or reduce the risk of injury when getting back into shape is through chiropractic adjustments. An effective treatment you have probably heard of or seen is a Y-Strap adjustment.

Help! My Allergies Aren’t Going Away

Wednesday, 01 June 2022 15:31

Summer has well and truly arrived in western North Carolina. That means sunshine, warm weather, outdoor adventures, flourishing plants, and, unfortunately for many of us, allergies. Over 50 million people in the United States suffer from some form of allergy, so you aren’t alone. 

One of the most common allergy conditions is allergic rhinitis, also called hay fever.  It is caused by sensitivity to pollen from weeds, trees, grasses, and airborne mold spores, so we generally only feel the effects after being outside. If you develop symptoms such as sneezing, a stuffy nose, scratchy throat, or itchy eyes, you might be suffering from hay fever.

What Is the Webster Technique?

Tuesday, 03 May 2022 18:07

Even in low-risk pregnancies, a baby presenting as breech (feet first) instead of vertex (head first) is considered extremely dangerous, and most OBs no longer deliver breech. Instead, if your baby hasn’t moved into vertex alignment, you will very likely have a Cesarean. 

There are a few options to attempt to move a baby into position for birth, including the external cephalic version and the Webster Technique.

A body will stay in motion or at rest until acted upon by an outside force. This fundamental law of physics doesn’t just hold to mechanical engineering and physics but to our bodies as well. 

The body and joints of someone who remains sedentary will become accustomed to that state and become resistant to moving. Conversely, frequent motion can help keep you active and more easily mobile.

So you are in pain, it could be from an injury or could be genetics, and you are wondering if it is time to visit the doctor. But last time, the doctor just prescribed generic pain medicine and sent you on your way. Now, the medication has stopped working, the pain has come back, and you are too tired to repeat the same cycle as before. 

You look up different types of doctors to give something else a try, and you come across chiropractors and orthopedists. Both focus on similar areas of the body but have very different approaches. 

Which one should you see? Let’s dive deeper into the similarities and differences between chiropractic and orthopedic care.