How to Beat Holiday Stress

Tuesday, 05 October 2021 13:50

As the leaves change and finally give up their grasp on the trees, you know that the holidays are rapidly approaching. Although they come at the end of the year, many people are still always caught off-guard by their arrival. 

You might be the type of person that shops for gifts throughout the year as you see items that would be perfect for the people in your life. For the rest of us, Halloween signifies the start of the season of scrambling to figure out what you are going to give your friends and family and how you're going to get it to them in time. 

You may be the type of person that thrives on shuffling from one get-together to the next, but many people can find the seemingly endless holiday parties exhausting. No one enjoys navigating crowded airports, especially during the late autumn and early winter when the weather can change instantly. 

While it’s the most wonderful time of the year, for many people, the holidays represent a time of stress and anxiety. At Monitto Chiropractic, we see many patients during November, December, and January who need to find relief from the stress that can be associated with the holidays. 

Back Pain and Back to School

Tuesday, 07 September 2021 18:28

Nothing has been normal about education in the last eighteen to twenty-four months. We are entering the third school year impacted by the effects of the global pandemic. 

Teachers are becoming accustomed to balancing in-person and remote learning, while parents are also getting used to juggling their time between the virtual office and the physical workplace. In the back of their minds, high school seniors will have the way the virus can impact graduation ceremonies and celebrations. 

That is all on top of the typical pressures all students face when it comes to academics. They will still be competing in athletics, participating in extracurricular activities, and trying to balance homework, studying, friends, etc. Juniors and seniors are thinking about college and their futures in an ever-changing economic landscape. 

For parents, the last thing you want is for your children to take on unnecessary stress. Imagine, however, your child trying to deal with all the pressure of school on top of nagging back and neck pain. 

Sometimes, at the end of a long day, you just want to have a seat and rest. If you have worked outside all day or at least been on your feet, rest and relaxation are your earned reward. 

However, if you have been sitting all day, sitting may be the last thing you should do when you clock out of work. 

Believe it or not, sitting for work may be contributing to pain and discomfort. You could be doing very real damage to your back and neck.

Over 80% of American jobs are performed sitting in front of a computer. Since the beginning of the global pandemic, we have only grown increasingly sedentary in our work lives. 

Most people seek out chiropractic care after an injury, or severe pain is a non-stop sensation in their life. But this is the year we decide to listen and take care of our body before it ever reaches that point. 

A visit to the chiropractor can prevent many different negative effects on our bodies. 

The most common reason we see people come to the chiropractor is for neck and back pain, but chiropractic care goes beyond just those two areas. Spinal health affects your overall physical and emotional health. 

The spine is the center of your nervous system. This controls all your organs, so trouble in the spine can lead to a weaker immune system and cause you to become more susceptible to injury and illness. 

If you are wondering if it is time to schedule an appointment for a chiropractic adjustment, take a look at some common reasons.

For people who care about their health and wellness, Asheville is a great place in which to live. In the mountains of North Carolina, the temperature is often several degrees cooler than Greenville and Charlotte but warmer in the winter than higher elevation towns like Boone and Blowing Rock. That means you can get out and enjoy the great outdoors comfortably for longer periods of time. 

We have beautiful views of the Blue Ridge and the Great Smoky Mountains, as well as hundreds of miles of hiking and mountain biking trails, greenway paths for cycling and jogging, and access to water sports like kayaking, tubing and whitewater rafting. Plus, we have some of the best fly fishing waters in the Southeast. 

Asheville is one of the premier outdoor cities on the East Coast. With so much of the population committed to living an active lifestyle, it is no wonder why we have a heightened awareness regarding health and wellness. Who doesn’t want to be healthier?