backpack back painWestern North Carolina is one of the best places in the world in which to live and raise a family. Having called this area home for decades, we might be a little biased; however, there are several reasons this is the perfect place for children to grow up:

  • Living in the Asheville area ensures your children will grow up surrounded by the beauty of the great outdoors. 
  • There are essentially countless miles of hiking and mountain biking trails to explore. 
  • We have access to pristine parks and green spaces. 
  • From charming mountain towns to the city of Asheville itself, our area is full of friendly neighbors. 
  • We have excellent public and private educational institutions, as well as high-quality medical care. 

If you have chosen to make the Asheville area your home, there is so much to do together; you want to make sure your family is as healthy and mobile as possible. Even pediatric patients can experience spinal misalignments that lead to a domino effect of other issues. 

Like many, you may have been under the impression that chiropractic care is limited to adults; however, that could not be further from the truth. Here is what you need to know about pediatric chiropractic care in Asheville, North Carolina. 

Pediatric Chiropractic Care for Children in Asheville, NC

The first question we typically hear from parents is about safety. Is it safe for my child to undergo chiropractic treatment? 

Parents want to make sure that chiropractic care is safe for our kids, just like any other treatment. In reality, the chances of having an unfavorable reaction to chiropractic adjustment are incredibly low. Treating a child is very different from treating an adult. To ensure the safest experience possible, you want to make sure you visit a chiropractor with experience treating children

What Are the Benefits of Visiting Monitto Chiropractic in Asheville?

In addition to finding relief from pain, children can benefit in many ways from visiting an experienced pediatric chiropractor, including:

  • Relief from Ear Infections: Children who experience frequent ear infections may find relief from their frequency and avoid the need for tubes.
  • Relief from Allergies, Sinus Issues, and Asthma: Subluxations are a contributing factor in many children's allergies and asthma. Correcting the alignment of a child’s spine can help children find relief from the symptoms of pollen allergies and asthma.
  • Attention Deficit Disorder and Hyperactivity Disorder: Misalignments of the C1 and C2 vertebrae, just below the skull, can short-circuit the medulla or brain stem, resulting in behavioral issues. Your child’s focus can improve after they visit the chiropractor.
  • Help with Bedwetting: If your child is prone to accidents in bed during the night, spinal misalignment could be to blame. Imagine how much your child’s confidence will improve if they can overcome bedwetting.
  • Relief from Acid Reflux and Heartburn: If a child's spine is misaligned, he or she may experience acid reflux and heartburn. A small child may not have the words to articulate reflux and will instead complain about stomach pains. Chiropractic care can help them experience relief from discomfort caused by acid reflux and heartburn. 

If your child is experiencing any of these conditions or other issues, it is time to schedule an appointment with Dr Monitto, a trusted pediatric chiropractor in Asheville, NC. 

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