dr paul monittoDr. Paul Monitto, DC

Dr. Paul Monitto attended St. John's University in New York and UNC-Asheville before graduating from Life Chiropractic College in Georgia in 1981. Dr. Monitto has been practicing since 1982 in the same location. He attends continuing education every year, ensuring that his patients receive the most comprehensive and advanced chiropractic care available. Dr. Monitto is certified in the Webster Technique, for pre and postnatal care for the mother and pediatric care for the child.

The reason I became a chiropractor is that I had horrific migraine/cluster headaches when I was 10 years old. My mother took me to doctor after doctor, test after test only to be put on another medication. The side effects were terrible. At the insistence of a friend, my mother took me to a chiropractor and within a few weeks my headaches were improved. After several months of chiropractic care, my hyperactivity also improved and so did my grades in school. I feel like chiropractic care saved my life and I wanted to change the world and help others get well too. I love seeing my patients get better and look forward to going to the office every day.

lisa photoLisa Rathburn, CA & Practice Manager

My name is Lisa Egerton Rathburn. I was born in Spartanburg, SC, and moved to Asheville with my family when I was four. I graduated from Asheville High School in 1980. I then went to UNCA, and then graduated from A-B Tech with a degree in computer programming.

I became a chiropractic patient when I was in college because of migraine headaches. It was after becoming a patient and learning all the benefits that chiropractic care could have that I decided that I would like to help others in the same way that I was helped. 

I went to work with Dr. Patton as his assistant for four years, until he decided to retire. Shortly after that, in 1996, I came to work with Dr. Monitto. My job is very rewarding to me because of the way we help people every day to know, understand, and experience the benefits of chiropractic. As of August 8, 2019, I have been with Dr. Monitto for 24 years. I believe in chiropractic, it works!!

Working in the office as the Front Desk Chiropractic Assistant and Practice Coordinator/Office Manager, I’ll probably be the person you see at the front desk or talk to over the phone when you call in.

I was blessed on February 27, 2003 with a handsome son, William. He loves soccer and has his black belt in Taekwondo. We live in Candler with our cat, Tuesday.

Jessica Fisher, Chiropractic Assistant

Jessica Fisher, Chiropractic Assistant

My name is Jessica Fisher. I am born and raised in a small-town Weaverville, NC. When I was a little girl, my brother and I would always pretend play doctor and patient. From a young age, working in the healthcare field is all I wanted to do. I dreamed of saving lives and helping others. I knew it from a young age, and I never once changed my mind. After graduating from high school in 2001, I worked my way up and put myself through college to begin my career in healthcare and landed a job in Buncombe County’s largest Emergency Department at Mission Hospital in 2007. I found my calling!! Being able to assist in saving lives everyday is something miraculous that I will never take for granted. What makes it even better is getting to be a part of this experience in the community where I’ve lived all my life, often helping those I know or their family members. I finished my career after 12 years in the Emergency Department. That experience has taught me that I am stronger than I ever thought possible.

\I am grateful for all my blessings in life. My proudest moment was when I became a mother. I have two healthy, growing boys. Jonah is my youngest at the age of three. Landon is my teenager who will entering his adulthood in April. Being a mom will always be my proudest accomplishment. My personality is kind and genuine. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

When you walk into the office, I want to greet you with a smile and for you to know that I am grateful to see you. I became motivated to make a big change in my career recently. I found my place at Dr. Monitto’s chiropractic office. I am still receiving many blessings getting to meet new and friendly faces. The transition has been wonderful and even though chiropractic is a different field from my former experience, I am a true believer! It really works, and works great! I am continuing to grow and learn through experiences everyday that specializes in a more hands on approach to medicine. I can’t say enough how wonderful Dr. Monitto’s practice has been for me. Love it and so will you!

jr therapy dogJR, Therapy Dog

Hi there! My name is JR Monitto. I’m a Jack Russell Terrier. I was born on April 15, 2011, in Chuckey, TN. My first family didn’t want me, so I ended up at the Chuckey animal shelter with a death sentence (can you believe it?).

A wonderful woman named Cheryl Horton saved me, along with seven other dogs, by fostering us at her house for two months. She works for Voice for Pets, the local rescue organization.

Two families came to look at me, but didn’t adopt me. Thank goodness! Because then my new Dad, Dr. Paul, adopted me. I went from the country life to the city life and I’ve been loving every minute of it.

Believe me when I say, I have got it good! We go on walks 4-6 times EACH DAY. I’ve also been learning new tricks like play fetch, tug-o-war, and my newest activity… KAYAKING. I even have a little green life jacket.

I come to the office all the time - I’m a certified therapy dog! I like to sleep a lot while I’m in the office, but feel free to come over and say hi, rub my belly, and introduce yourself!

If I’m not here, I could be out playing or visiting the library where the children read to me. I love being read to.