Improving PostureWestern North Carolina is among the fastest-growing regions in the Carolinas. Buncombe and Henderson counties have become nearly unrecognizable over the past thirty years. It seems like skyscrapers grow overnight in downtown Asheville. There are a number of reasons people move to the Asheville area. We are home to some of the tallest mountains on the East Coast which practically rise out of the skyline. Our high elevation makes us one of the coolest cities in the South during summer, while we still have relatively mild winters. There are hundreds of miles of hiking and mountain biking trails to explore, as well as plenty of areas to enjoy horseback riding. There are hundreds of waterfalls and swimming holes, as well as rivers and creeks in which to swim, float, or boat. We have premier fly fishing and a number of pristine mountain lakes. 

In addition to the long list of outdoor activities to enjoy, Asheville is as famous for world-class food and shopping. We are also served by an ever-growing regional airport that helps support our rapidly growing business community. People are not just moving to our area for nature or the culture, they are moving here for excellent jobs. 

With an increase in computer and tech jobs comes an on-going battle with poor posture and FHP – Forward Head Posture. Over time, staring at a computer screen or smartphone can cause the head to rest farther forward on the shoulders than it should. This leads to pain and other issues. Monitto Chiropractic is here to help Asheville area residents improve their posture. 

Monitto Chiropractic – Helping Asheville with Posture Improvement

What was once commonly referred to as “reader’s neck”, might now be called “text neck.” FHP is a common result of poor posture. From staring at a phone to your computer being too low for all-too-frequent video conferencing, the workplace is a common hotbed for poor posture. 

One of the first steps you can take toward pain relief and correcting your posture is scheduling a chiropractic adjustment. Your skilled chiropractor can help determine the severity of your FHP and begin the process of restoring your posture to its original intended form. 

A chiropractor will likely combine adjustments with recommended exercises to help strengthen the muscles around your neck and upper back. This will help prevent the return of poor posture. They will also likely provide tips for improving nutrition. The experts at Monitto Chiropractic are here to help you with the adjustments and exercises you need to help correct your posture. Contact us today