laser light therapy ashevilleAlso referred to as Cold Laser Therapy, this is an innovative, painless therapy that can help many different issues. 

Laser Light Therapy reduces pain and inflammation, and promotes healing for:

  • Acute problems (a crick in the neck after sleeping, for example)
  • Sports injuries (sprained ankle, twisted knee, etc.)
  • Chronic conditions (fibromyalgia, plantar fasciitis, arthritis, neuropathy etc.)
  • Neurological and general pain and bruising
  • Pre & post-surgical treatment
  • Nervous system complaints
  • Addiction issues
  • Wounds

We use an Apollo Cold Laser, 4000mw classified by the FDA as a class 4 laser. Although the power is robust, it is considered low-level laser therapy, and is a cool laser. Users will not experience any heat or burning.

How does it work?

Laser therapy works by using specific wavelengths of light, directed towards the affected area(s). The light energy enters damaged cells and stimulates inter-cellular activity. This speeds up cellular repair, reducing pain and accelerating healing and recovery.

The treatment is short, typically less than 5 minutes. Many people notice a difference after one treatment, although it is typical to have at least 3-5 sessions. After being treated, there’s usually a reduction in swelling, as well as pain relief. Chronic conditions are best treated regularly, while acute conditions will subside within a certain set of treatments.

This form of therapy has cumulative effects, so it’s important to complete the recommended course of treatments to get maximum benefits.

Benefits include:

  • Swift pain relief
  • Reduction of inflammation
  • Quicker healing of sprains and/or strains
  • Rapid cellular and structural integrity repair
  • Localized, immediate improvement of blood circulation
  • Quick repair of superficial injuries

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