asheville healthSpring is one of the best times of year to live in western North Carolina. While tens of millions of visitors travel to our area each year for fall and summer, a case could be made for spring being better than both. There is nothing like seeing the mountains come to life, shedding the dull grays of winter for the vibrant reds and greens of the new season. Some of the many activities made special by spring include:

  • Shredding the singletrack on your mountain bike now that there is enough warm air to dry out the trails.
  • Exploring the countless miles of hiking trails through virtually untouched western North Carolina wilderness.
  • Jumping back in a kayak or whitewater raft to float down one of the many pristine rivers in the area.
  • Wading into the creeks and streams that crisscross our area as you fish for prized trout.
  • Exploring many of the local, state, and national parks in western North Carolina.
  • Walking around downtown Asheville or around the many charming small mountain towns.

Whatever you enjoy most about spring in our area, you need your body to cooperate and provide as much mobility as possible. There’s a lot to see and do throughout the season. Here is how a visit to the chiropractor can help you enjoy spring in our area.

Spring Chiropractic Care in Asheville, NC

Here are several reasons you should visit the chiropractor in the spring:

  • Your back: If you have been stuck inside all winter, there’s a good chance your back and spine are feeling it. Visit the chiropractor to correct subluxations that might have developed during winter.
  • Your posture: More than ever, people in Asheville are working from home. Chances are that your home office is not necessarily set up to maximize ergonomics and posture. If you have spent the winter in poor posture situations, you need to visit your chiropractor.
  • Your allergies: While allergies are something people battle year-round, many experience the worst allergy symptoms during spring. Believe it or not, a visit with the chiropractor can help identify what is causing your allergies and potentially correct them.
  • Your mobility: If your mobility has been reduced due to pain, aggravation from a previous injury, or joint stiffness, it is possible that your chiropractor can help.

Whatever you need to make the most of spring in Asheville, North Carolina, Monitto Chiropractic is ready to help. From allergies to pain relief, we have helped numerous patients feel better, get healthier, and really enjoy this beautiful season in western North Carolina. 

If you’re ready to live healthier and enjoy spring in our area, contact Monitto Chiropractic today. From adjustments to wellness advice, we are here to help 7 days a week.

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