chronic pain winterEvery season is special here in western North Carolina. New residents move to the Asheville area from all over the country for the mild temperatures and beautiful displays of color during spring and fall. Even in the lower value of Buncombe, Madison, and Henderson County, the mercury rarely rises above 90° during the summer. And there is almost always a little cool air and a breeze in the evening on even the hottest days. The weather here is typically perfect for exploring the mountains and the thousands of miles of hiking trails throughout western North Carolina.

One season that might be up for some debate as to how much residents enjoy is winter. Asheville typically receives about a foot of snow each year. For a high elevation city, temperatures only drop below freezing 70 times each year. However, there can be considerable temperature disparity from the low elevations to the ridges. Some communities experience upwards of 3 feet of snow each year. There are often plenty of area residents who are tired of it by the end of the season.

For some, the problem with winter is that they feel they are dealing with chronic pain each time the temperatures get cold. Winter then becomes something to endure, not enjoy. At Monitto Chiropractic, we help western North Carolinians experience pain relief during the cold season.

Winter Chiropractic Care in Asheville and Western North Carolina

Chiropractic care is a holistic way of seeing medicine and wellness. While drugs treat symptoms and surgery is invasive, chiropractic care seeks to solve the cause of pain at its source. If you have been in an automobile accident, sustained a sports injury, struggle with other pain-causing conditions, or just feel like your back and bones get achy when the mercury drops, a visit to the chiropractor might be just what you need. Then you can actually enjoy getting outdoors even when the weather is a little chilly.

For winter chiropractic care in western North Carolina, you can trust the team at Monitto Chiropractic. Our patients have experienced tremendous improvements in their mobility and have reported significant reductions in pain during the cold season. We want all western North Carolinians and Asheville residents to live a life as healthy as possible. There is a lot to experience even in winter in Asheville, so get moving. Contact the team at Monitto Chiropractic to start overcoming winter soreness, so you can enjoy this special season in our area.