How Has Working Remotely Damaged Your Posture?

Monday, 08 March 2021 15:01
How Has Working Remotely Damaged Your Posture?

Many Americans who can do their jobs remotely made a transition to working from home to prevent the spread of COVID-19. However, many people who do not have an ideal office setup with ergonomic chairs, keyboards, or computer conditions may experience new body aches. 

Most residential settings don’t have the space to accommodate today’s ergonomic office furniture. So if you are working from your home, it’s likely that you are using your computer on a regular table, countertop, or you are in a lounge chair or on your bed. 


Wherever your workspace is, chances are you aren’t in a healthy posture. To prevent physical strain and potential injuries, you should spend as much time as you can work in a neutral posture, a comfortable body position, and periodically move around to promote circulation. 

We have put together a list of how working remotely has damaged your posture and how to fix it. 

Six Ways Working Remotely Has Damaged Your Posture

1. Your Back and Shoulders Hurt

If you start experiencing pain in your shoulders and neck, your posture and the way you are sitting may be the cause. Most people have their monitor positioned low, which causes you to flex your neck and head forward and down. If your monitor is at the correct height, it will naturally be adjusting your posture. Position the monitor at eye level so that your neck and shoulders are in a neutral position. If you are working on a laptop, place your laptop on a table or desk that is preferably at elbow height.

2. Your Leg Cramps

Leg cramps are signs of poor circulation, and the ache is your body telling you that you are not working with good posture. Promote good circulation in your legs by adjusting the height of your chair so that your feet are flat on the ground or use a footrest. That way, there is less pressure on your thighs, and the position helps with good circulation. Also, take periodic breaks every 20 minutes to move around and stretch out your muscles. 

3. Your Wrist Hurts 

If your wrists and hands aren’t in a neutral position, it can cause strain on the tendons that become inflamed and eventually develop a problem called carpal tunnel syndrome. Keep your wrists to be flat as possible and straight, so they are not bent left or right. Look for a keyboard and mouse that will keep your wrists neutral. 

4. Your Back Aches

Leaning forward can put strains on your lumbar region, which can lead to back injuries. When you lean over for long periods, you increase the compression on your vertebrae that will cause backaches. Make sure your back is supported and not being strained when sitting. You want to get your body into the best neutral position by slightly reclining your seat to significantly decrease postural muscle activity and intervertebral disc pressure in the lumbar spine. If you are looking for quick and easy lumbar support, try using a rolled towel and put it behind your back to prevent inward bending. 

5. Neck, Shoulders, and Headaches

Find a spot to work that is near an outlet for a lamp or natural light. If you experience poor lighting in your workspaces, you will end up craning your neck and straining your eyes. Position a table-top or floor lamp nearby if you have room and keep it turned on when you are working. If space is limited, consider a clip-on light you can affix to your monitor, laptop, or another nearby surface. 

6. Prevent and Relieve Work from Home Pain

With gyms closed for a long time during the pandemic, many people have adopted a more settled lifestyle as COVID-19 has ruined our daily routines. Moving less can lead to weight gain and muscle loss while worsening existing muscle and joint pain. If you feel limber, simple exercises and stretches can help prevent neck, back, and joint pain. Set reminders on your phone to get up, move, and stretch every hour when you’re working. A quick walk around the house or outside and a few stretches will get the blood flowing, loosen your body, and refresh your mind. 

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